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Studio Pre-Wedding Promotion

Ming Yung Photo 又有Promotion益你啦~原價10800的Studio Pre-wedding, 而家8800就可以啦~除左包婚紗,相簿油畫之外,仲有幾位不同的MUA俾大家選擇,可以岩返你的Style 影靚靚婚紗相。其實Studio開業已經半年,好多客人都問我影Pre-Wedding詳情, 但佢地又去了overseas 影過,又想係香港影,但係又唔洗影一整日,所以希望係Studio舒舒服服影下簡單的PW相^^
MUA  Partner:
如果各位有興趣,可以Email我: ming@mingyungphoto.comStudio Pre-Wedding Details:
Photo by Ming Yung team
Make Up Artist + Lighting Assistant
25 retouched pictures And All Photo Copy
One 8”x 12“ 10 pages crystal cover album
One 30” x 20” canvas
One Suit + One Wedding Gown
4 hours Working Hours
One high quality DVD for retouched photos原價HKD 10800 >>>>> HKD8800



  • hebe

    hi how much for the big day plan???

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