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Europe Pre-Wedding Tour

Ming Yung 又去歐洲影相啦~今次將會帶大家去倫敦,巴黎,威尼斯&布拉格。


想去歐洲影pre wedding的朋友~快D行動啦=]




Europe Pre-Wedding Tour

Photo by Ming Yung team

Make Up Artist

80 Retouched Pictures

All Photo Soft Copy

One 12”x12“ or 10”x 14“

10 pages Crystal Cover Album One 30” x 20” Canvas

One Suit + One Wedding Gown

Price included my team flight fare and accommodations

HKD32800   HKD28800


IMG_7992-Edit IMG_8009-EditIMG_9064-EditIMG_7661-EditIMG_9051-Edit IMG_8033-Edit IMG_8113-EditIMG_8758-Edit

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